Jajce: Nermin Delić opened the 21st “Sop’s Days on Pliva”!

?? : On the evening of the first of October, 2022, the Bosnian writer and doctor of medicine, Nermin Delic, held a poetry evening in his town of Jajce and thus opened the 21st “Sop’s Days on Pliva”. The location of the evening was Kršlak’s old house, a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The special guests of the evening were writers Faiza Haracic-Helja from Kakanj and Sanja Strukar Krizanac from Vitez. They are participants in earlier seasons of the Mili Dueli contest and Delic’s collaborators on the project of the same name. With their joint performance, writers sent a message of tolerance and successful intercultural dialogue in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The organizer of the event is the Croatian Cultural Society “Napredak”, branch of Jajce, headed by president Franjo Leovac.

– “Napredak” was the first society at the local level that awarded my poetry eleven years ago. – Delic said and remembered his beginnings.

As a reminder, Delic won first, second and third place on two occasions, in 2011 and 2012, at the “Sop’s Days on Pliva” event.


(Mili Dueli)

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